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The Story

The Second World War was just finished, when Elio and his brother Enzo began to gather a rough and full of perfumes butter, in the first cheese factories, in which Parmesan cheese where produced, near Cavazzona, a little village on the borderline among Modena and Bologna provinces.

Using a rudimentary wooden churner, they began to produce AURIGA BUTTER in a family farm, which changed its name into BURRO ZANASI in a little while, because of the growth of its sales in the neighboring towns of Modena and Bologna.

As the years go by, from the first deliveries from door to door by bicycle, to the present day, the Company has growth thanks to its constant updates and investments in production plants and in deliveries methods, which are now adjustable to any kind of demand, both national and international, respecting the strictest laws about quality and health.

In 1981, the present Company GRA-COM was born in a new location in Castelfranco Emilia, after the entrance of Stefano, Elio's son, in the family business.

The factory, which has been recently improved and enlarged in order to satisfy market demand on production and technology, is now one of the most complete and modern in the dairy Italian trade, and the Company is, in particular, well-known for the production of a conventional and biological butter, which is put on market with a business and private label.