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Our butter

Yes, OUR BUTTER … because the recipe is always the one that characterizes us since its first productions.

In spite of the well-advanced technologies used today by the Company, our butter is always produced through a natural and home-made method like they used to, without any preservative or colorant, but only taking advantage of the active principles and benefits that can be obtained adding Lactic Ferments.

Our main characteristic: made in Italy, that surplus value of the original Italian product, that value appreciated and well-known all over the world, that value that we wanted to transfer into our Butter.

So, a Butter with capital B, obtained only from raw Italian materials, which are rigorously controlled and certificated ... the true Italian Butter.

Qualified suppliers, daily collections of the creams, rigorous controls in acceptance, uninterrupted control of the pasteurization process, on-line control of the weight on the packaging lines, uninterrupted control of the temperatures during the storage of the finished products … here the indispensable carefulness to daily offer an healthy, genuine and controlled product.