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Parmesan cheese

In 2010, after having only aged and commercialized Parmesan cheese, GRA-COM began to produce this refined excellence of the Italian dairy production.

Taking advantage of the partnership with some dairy experts, we have chosen Bibbiano municipality, in Reggio Emilia province, as productive area.
Bibbiano is known to be the "cradle" of Parmesan cheese; in effect, in 1300 the first wheels of cheese "Formadio" were produced in a monastery of Benedectine monks.

After the extraction of the wheels of cheese from the brines, which are still "young" because they don't have more than 30 days, they are transferred into appropriate warehouses where the ripening will be completed.  

When the 12° month is completed, after an accurated analysis carried out by the specialists of the Consortium of Parmesan cheese, the cheese can finally become Parmesan Cheese through the application on its middle of the classical identification mark.

Once the deciders ages are reached, after 13/18/24/30 months, depending on the budgeted use, the wheels are transferred in the GRA-COM's packaging centre.

, as it has an own packaging centre in its original area, has received the authorization from the Organism which controls the quality of production, to portionate and package under vacuum-seal the Parmesa Cheese, on its own and on behalf of a third party.